About Us

I.Who are we?

We’re Faster Forwarder Co., Ltd in Shenzhen of China. We can provide excellent international logistics service for global clients.


II.Our Advantage

1.Honest:We only convey real information to our clients. Once we promise to our clients, we will try our best to reach our goals. If we can’t achieve, we will inform to our clients in advance and remedy the fault according to convention;

2.Compliance:We only freight the cargoes that comply with laws and regulations;

3.Professional:All of our team major members have long years experiences of international logistics. That we can work out various transportation solution to meet our clients requirement rely on our professional skill and stable relationship with global excellent agents;

4.Safe:Safe is our first principle for us to choose the shipping channel. At the same time, we will also give targeted suggestions according to the client’s cargoes;

5.Patience:We will appoint colleagues to follow each inquiry. We are very honored to listen to real ideals of customers and are willing to fully share the information we know with customers.


III.Our Network

China:We have sales or warehouses in major port cities, like Shenzhen、Guangzhou、Xiamen、Fuzhou、Ningbo、Shanghai、Qingdao、Tianjin、Dalian and etc.;

Other Countries:We have stable cooperative agents in North America、Europe、Southeast Asia、South America、 Australia and Africa. We also can provide overseas warehouse service and etc. personalized services.


IV.Our Dreams

For Clients:Our customers’ business will always prosper, and each shipment will be freighted safely;

For Ourself:Each team member can enjoy work and life, and provide dignified life for his family;

For Company:It can become a respected world-class logistics company and established a perfect global logistics network through word-of-mouth and excellent delivery.


Wechat:QQ1036621710 or 13040824609
Sales Email:sales@fasterforwarder.com
Service Email:cs01@fasterforwarder.com
Address: Room 1, 4 Block, 5th Road of Qiao Lian Dong, Ma An Tang Community, Ban Tian Street, Long Gang District, Shen Zhen City of China